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Frequently Asked Questions

1) Would we be able to keep our current site while the new one was being developed, and once it’s developed would we then get rid of our current web host that we use?

Answer: That is correct -- you would keep your current web site while you are building your new web site with the Coop Web Builder, and once you were ready to make it live you would switch the DNS information to make the new site live (which can take 24-48 hours to propagate throughout the internet).


2) To update a web page -- would it be done through the internet now instead of a program that’s on my computer?

Answer: Yes, you log in to your Coop Web Builder account, choose a design template, and then use the Wizard to change the properties and content of your website; all you need is a computer with a browser that is connected to the internet -- no other software.


3) Can a co-op have more than one web site via CWB? I’m thinking of one for our statewide publication. Or, even our Washington Youth Tour program.

Answer: As long as it is cooperative-related and will fit the cooperative design there shouldn't be a problem in having more than one account / web site on the system.


4) Will the system give web site visitors the ability to open PDFs?

Answer: The system will let you upload PDFs to your server, and then you create a link to that PDF. The web pages will function like all web pages -- when the user clicks on a PDF link on a web page the browser opens the PDF in the browser window. The user can then view the PDF, print it, and / or save it to their computer.


5) Can I mix designs -- like use the home page of Design 1 and the subpage of Design 3?

Answer: Yes, every page can have its own template assigned to it seperate from the template selected for the entire website.


6) Will my current web site get written over at all?

Answer: Your CWB web site is entirely separate from your current web site, and you can take 2 days or 12 months to build your new web site with Coop Web Builder. Only when YOU are ready to make it live you will work with the Co-op Web Builder team to make it live by switching the DNS information at your domain name registrar to make the new site live (which can take 24-48 hours to propagate throughout the internet).


7) Is there any ability to "pre-publish" web pages but they remain "hidden" until the designated release date?

Answer: Yes, you can do this directly from the page content editor.


8) Do we have the ability to add a slide show or photo gallery?

Answer: Yes, Co-op Web Builder includes the ability to create and edit your own slide shows.


9) Where can I download the User Manual?

Answer: Right here! Choose PDF or DOCX verisons below.

Download the User Manual
Format: Word Document | Adobe PDF
Size: 2.7 MB for .docx | 2.8 MB for .pdf

View Our Video Tutorials
We also have a series of on-demand recordings available from past training sessions available on our VIMEO channel.


10) What if I want the Co-op Web Builder Support Team to do everything for me?

Answer: Co-op Web Builder offers several different development support tiers based on your cooperatives' unique needs and requirements.

Now your co-op can have an attractive, well-designed, and professional looking website without paying a fortune. We have created an easy 10 step process which puts the power in your hands.