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Frequently Asked Questions

1) Why should I use Co-op Web Builder?

  • Unlimited Access and Usage is included with your investment fees.
  • Fully Responsive Templates that prioritize the mobile experience and work as intended on all devices.
  • User Friendly Content Management System (CMS) allows you to build and customize content for your site, make quick and easy updates and upload pictures or logos.
  • Drag & Drop Page Building Experience lets you control the layout and order of information on your child pages with ease. No coding knowledge required!
  • Save Your Cooperative Thousands of Dollars vs. using a third party Web designer.
  • Create Your Own Layouts by using the region based homepage template design system.
  • Free Professional Support who specializes in Drupal design and development.

2) What technology was Co-op Web Builder built with?

Answer: All platforms of Co-op Web Builder were created with Drupal. The decision to go with Drupal was fueled by the system’s ability to provide complex configurations when necessary and offer high security solutions. This path has allowed cooperatives to build everything from highly structured intranet sites to newsletter and magazine layout sites and everything in-between.


Co-op Web Builder 2.5

All new accounts start in this version of the platform

The program comes with a fully responsive template that prioritizes the
mobile experience first. Customize your homepage layout by using the new block and region system. Reorder, remove, edit or change any of the content in the template by simply using the system tools. Utilize the drag/drop page building experience to create attractive and easy to maintain web pages.


Co-op Web Builder 2.0

This is the previous version of the platform, no new sign-ups at this point and time.

The program comes packaged with 5 adaptive templates. This means they respond accordingly for desktop/tablet experience. In addition, there is a separate mobile theme that is managed in the Wizard to accommodate mobile visitors. Setup and launch your site quickly using the custom 10 Step Wizard.


3) I am using Co-op Web Builder 2.0, do I need to upgrade any time soon?

Answer: No. At this given time we are supporting the CWB 2.0 and CWB 2.5 platforms. If you need any help with your site please contact us any time you wish.


4) Will we be able to keep our current site while the new site is being developed, and once it’s developed would we then get rid of our current web host that we use?

Answer: That is correct -- you would keep your current web site live while you are building your new web site. You will receive a custom URL for your Co-op Web Builder site after you sign-up. This URL is independent from your existing live website’s URL. You can then maintain both sites until you are ready to go live with your new site.


5) To update a web page -- would it be done through the internet now instead of a program that’s on my computer?

Answer: Yes, you log in to your Coop Web Builder account in the browser of your choice. Then you can choose a design template, and use the Wizard to change the properties and content of your website; all you need is a computer with a browser that is connected to the internet -- no other software.


6) Do all browsers work with Co-op Web Builder and/or is there a recommended browser that I should be using for site design?

Answer: Yes. All modern browsers will work with all versions of Co-op Web Builder. We recommend that you use either Chrome or Firefox if they are available to you. These are the most common web development browsers and include additional built in tools to assist with web design.


7) Can a co-op have more than one web site via CWB? I’m thinking of one for our statewide publication. Or, even our Washington Youth Tour program.

Answer: As long as it is cooperative-related and will fit the cooperative design there will not be a problem with having more than one account in the system. There is no additional charge for multiple accounts if you would like to have a co-op member facing website and an intranet site, etc.


8) Will the system give web site visitors the ability to open PDFs?

Answer: The system will let you upload PDFs to your site, and then you create a link to that PDF. The web pages will function like all web pages -- when the user clicks on a PDF link on a web page the browser opens the PDF in the browser window. The user can then decide to view the PDF, print it, and / or save it to their computer.

In Co-op Web Builder 2.5, you can select the page feature for “PDF Embed” and then (under the Body section) choose a PDF file to embed directly on the page. This includes an automatic download link to improve accessibility by offering multiple solutions to your visitors to access the information from the PDF. We also recommend that you provide a summary on any page that you embed a PDF about the contents of the file.


9) I’m ready to go live with my new site, what is next?

Answer: When you are ready to make the site live you will then contact the Co-op Web Builder team for further instructions. We will then initiate a complimentary audit of your site build and submit it to you as a separate communication. Please allow a few days for us to complete the audit. Then we will follow up by providing you with instructions and the IP address you will need to update your domain records with.


10) I’ve already updated my domain records, but I still see my old site. Did I do something wrong?

Answer: Once you have updated your domain records, it can take 1-24 hours to propagate throughout the internet. Typically in co-op offices, this can take longer than 24 hours depending on internal network policies. You can likely ask your IT department to flush the network DNS cache to see the updates quicker at the co-op level. You members will see the new site very shortly after the DNS records have been updated. A good test is to use your mobile device with a data plan (not connected to a wireless network) and check your website URL there; you will likely see the new site within the hour.


11) Is there any ability to "pre-publish" web pages but they remain "hidden" until the designated release date?

Answer: Yes, you can do this directly from the page content editor. There is an option for every article or page to toggle “publishing” options.


12) Do we have the ability to add a slide show or photo gallery?

Answer: Yes, Co-op Web Builder includes the ability to create and edit your own slide shows. Custom photo galleries and full HTML5 video slideshows can be created as needed with a custom development/design request.


13) Where can I download the User Manual?

Answer: Right here!


Download the User Manual
Format: Word Document | Adobe PDF
Size: 2.7 MB for .docx | 2.8 MB for .pdf


14) Where can I watch online video tutorials and past webinars?

Answer: Right here!

Co-op Web Builder 2.5 - Tutorial Videos

Video Collection


Co-op Web Builder 2.0 - Training Sessions

Video Collection


15) What if I want the Co-op Web Builder Support Team to do everything for me?

Answer: Co-op Web Builder offers several different development support tiers based on your cooperatives' unique needs and requirements. We can accommodate almost any custom design or development need. This includes creating a custom theme for your co-op specifically or creating a specific module that adds a required feature to your site.


16) How do I get an SSL certificate to encrypt my website?

Answer: First, notify us at that you are interested in getting an SSL certificate. We will then generate and send you a CSR code which you will need for the purchasing process. You can purchase a certificate from any number of vendors online. We can then install the SSL certificate on our servers to ensure your website is encrypted with HTTPS.


17) How do I get the embed login (SmartHub or SEDC) on my homepage?

Answer: You will first need an SSL certificate for your site. This is a requirement before enabling any embed login features. It will ensure that your member’s information stays secure as they access their bill pay providers. Once you have SSL active on your Co-op Web Builder site, we can help you enable the module and place it on your homepage. Please contact us for a list of available styles for the login box.


18) What is the difference between Drupal and WordPress?

Answer: They are both considered the big giants in the world of website creation systems, perhaps the most popular ones as well. Drupal is best suited for building and maintaining complex websites that require additional security, controlled access and even protected file zones. We have found over the years that Drupal excels in the needs of co-op websites, which is why we chose it over WordPress.


19) How do I reach you if I need help or have a question?

Answer: The best way to reach us is by emailing our support team at Every day our support staff works hard at knocking out every web request we receive on that same day. As long as you submit your requests early, you will likely get a response that same day. Our support hours are Monday-Friday from 9AM – 5PM (EST). Keep in mind that we are also continuously checking and monitoring our systems for any potential emergencies. This means it is likely that you can get a hold of us after hours if something is mission critical, we will be available and likely already on top of it. Potential emergencies include any sites being unavailable or any content that may have been compromised as a security concern.


20) Help! My website is down and not responding. What do I do?

Answer: The first thing you should do is ensure that the website is down on multiple devices. First check on your computer and then try your phone or something that is not connected to your work network. If you are still not having any luck, try to pull up your Co-op Web Builder sandbox URL (where you first developed the site IE: If this pulls up, then there is likely an issue with your domain provider (Go Daddy, Network Solutions,, Etc.) and you should reach out to them accordingly. If you go to pull up your Co-op Web Builder sandbox URL and you can not access it at all, then please contact us immediately for support.

Now your co-op can have an attractive, well-designed, and professional looking website without paying a fortune. We have created an easy 10 step process which puts the power in your hands.